· textes rassemblés par Dianne Hagaman
· préface de Franck Leibovici


Deux sociologues et musiciens de jazz patentés, Robert Faulkner et Howard Becker, discutent par voie électronique d'une activité qui occupe une part importante de leur vie : la musique. En vertu de la technologie employée, des échanges d'emails, chaque étape de la construction de leur pensée, les fausses pistes comme les idées fécondes, se voit inscrite, matérialisée. Aussi, quand, en 2010, Franck Leibovici les invite à contribuer à une enquête visant à lier, dans de nouvelles représentations, pratiques et « formes de vie », c’est leur correspondance que Becker et Faulkner choisissent de lui adresser.


En même temps que l’enregistrement complet d’une collaboration scientifique, la publication de cet échange rend publique une image détaillées de ce que l’on appelle parfois « processus créatif ». L'écriture d'enquête ne consiste pas seulement à mettre bout à bout des chaînons d'idées rationnelles (ainsi que le format traditionnel de l'article scientifique tend à le faire croire) : elle combine, de façon plus ou moins complexe, des récits d'expériences passées, des jeux de mot, des anecdotes, des souvenirs, des arguments puisés par analogie dans d'autres contextes. Nous sommes ici avant le grand lissage.

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· edited by Dianne Hagaman
· preface by Franck Leibovici


When Rob Faulkner and Howie Becker, two sociologists who were also experienced professionals in the music business, decided to write something about this other part of their lives, they lived at opposite ends of the North American continent: Faulkner in Massachusetts, Becker in San Francisco. They managed the cooperation writing a book requires through e-mail. Instead of sitting around talking, they wrote e-mails to each other.

And so every step of their thinking, the false steps as well as the ideas that worked, existed in written form. So, when Franck Leibovici asked them to contribute something which showed the “form of life” that supported their work, they (helped along by a timely tip from Dianne Hagaman), they sent him the correspondence.

The result is one of the most complete and revealing records of scientific collaboration ever made public. And one of the most intimate pictures of the creative process in all its details that anyone interested in that topic could ask for. Investigative writing is not only about formulating chains of rational ideas (as the usual format of scientific articles would like us to believe), but also mixes plays on words, stories, and arguments in new arrangements.


this book is a contribution to the art project (forms of life)—an ecology of artistic practices, paris, 2011-2012, by franck leibovici.

curated by grégory castéra and edited by les laboratoires d’aubervilliers and questions théoriques, with the support of fnagp, la maison rouge, le fonds de dotation agnès b. see www.desformesdevie.org.

Thank you to USC Annenberg Press


Table of contents

preface: an ecology of inquiry—or a form of life
by franck leibovici. 9

How This Book Happened. 15

Part I: 2003
A thought on a thought . 19
Latest developments from the front . 38
Free music . 42
Fake books . 50
Canon shots from Rob to Howie . 53
More . 58
Telephone conversation . 70
Venn. 75
Bruce McLeod . 78
I can dream can’t I? duh. . 93
New Ideas . 96
“The book” . 98
Classic American Popular song . 107
Tunes . 110
Into (the) Repertoire . 121
Tool kits thoughts and rants . 130
Another thought on culture . 132
OK, got it . 136
Authoritative stuff . 147
Thoughts on conference . 153
A small contribution . 160
Homework . 174
Add this to the Big Master Plan document . 181
The dynamics of dynamics . 185
Here’s some more thoughts for our opus . 192
Back from Jazz Nutcracker: a comment and observation . 201

Part II: 2004
More music stuff . 203
Some thoughts for the tunes project . 211
Workshop . 214
Things don’t work . 217
Some notes on interview with CS . 230
RRF Repertoire Interview #4 BS . 231
Small thought . 245
Where you at? . 246
Robert Wilson-Tom Waits-William Burroughs . 254
Culture as bullshit . 265
Some thoughts on cabaret. 265
Progress report . 269
Query . 270
Clarifications . 270

Part III: 2005
Thoughts . 275
Thoughts on soloing on the tune in the repertoire . 277
Thoughts on tunes at Carmelas on thursday duo with Jay . 279
Fieldwork from The Bandstand at Castle Street:
George, Jay and Rob . 282
Notes on Asher interview . 284
Carmel Dates and Seating (Together) . 286
An idea for our appearance . 287
Look at this . 295
Pantheon et Sorbonne and Pianos a la Ostinato . 299
Adam. 302
Another question . 306
Fore! . 307
Side plot . 315
Jump, The Water’s Fine . 318
All systems go . 322
Do You Know…? . 327

Index of Song Titles. 341
Index of Artists. 343
Index of Scholars . 345

Invitation letter for the (forms of life) inquiry. 347
Biography of the Authors. 350


  • “ new ebook by Howie Becker and Rob Faulkner: Thinking Together: An E-mail Exchange and All that Jazz”

    “What does it take to pull together a collaborative research project? Howie Becker and Rob Faulkner reveal all, via a reconstruction of their prolific email correspondence collected in a new ebook Thinking Together: An E-mail Exchange and All that Jazz. Prompted by the puzzling observation that younger musicians didn’t know the same repertoire of songs shared among older musicians, Becker and Faulkner, who are both practicing musicians, muscle through hammering out a research design and theoretical explanation for how musicians, including ones who have never practiced together before, can collectively perform.* Their exchanges evidence the gradual refinement of categories with plenty of links to songs, descriptions of illustrative experiences, and recounting of interviews with fellow musicians while practicing in the field.”

    orgtheory.net 19 septembre 2013


Editeur : Questions Théoriques

Auteur(s) : Howard Becker, Robert Faulkner

Publication : 25 octobre 2013

Edition : 1ère édition

Intérieur : Noir & blanc

Support(s) : Livre papier

Poids (en grammes) : 450

Langue(s) : Anglais

EAN13 Livre papier : 9782917131329

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